Winning Strategies for playing at Casinos

Casino Tips and Strategies – How to Play to Win

How would you like to read five simple, but important casino tips and strategies that will increase your odds of beating online casinos? Casinos make money when you lose, and believe me, the odds are against you. Casinos are in the business of making money, and the very last thing they want is for you to leave with more than you came with.

5 Casino Tips and Strategies To Increase Your Odds At The Casino!

  1. Absolutely know the games you are going to play! It’s a proven fact that the player with the most knowledge has the best luck. Playing free casino games first is the best way to start. Never be in a hurry to get into a game until you’ve learned how to play it. Study and research first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Contact customer support and have them explain anything you don’t understand.
  2. Never drink and play! Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment and thinking process. While gambling, you’ve got to use your head in order to win. After playing, if you’ve won, enjoy a drink as your reward. Consider this a smart casino tip!
  3. Don’t throw away your money! Before you log on to you favorite online casino, set a limit on how much money you’re going to spend and then stick to it. Too many gamblers end up going over their spending limit, ending up with even higher losses.
  4. Don’t become overconfident! The very worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to win too big too fast. If you do start winning big, don’t throw your caution to the wind, thinking you’re on a roll. When you start to win big, be sure to maintain your caution and gamble with your head, not with your emotions.
  5. Cash Out! It’s wise to withdraw your winnings. Leaving your money in your casino account leads to the temptation to bet it again and losing it. If the funds are in your bank account, you might invest them in something tangible.
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Why Casino Tips and Strategy is important.

Gambling is deadly serious business. People who rely on pure luck to win nearly always lose. Here you will learn valuable casino tips that can boost your odds of winning. Your Casino Tips Survival Strategies and Casino Tips for making $1 AND $2 BETS are vitally important.

Supposing you were playing roulette and made even-money bets on Red. Your starting bankroll is 40 dollars. You won’t get ahead if you wager $1 each time and collect after every win. As a smart gambler you make bigger bets using your winnings, not the money you brought to the table.

This is what would happen if you’re on a winning streak and you bet-back your winnings plus one dollar from your original stake in each consecutive round.

Strategy Table
  • 1. round: Bet $1, win $1, collect $2
  • 2. round: Bet $2 plus $1, win $3, collect $6
  • 3. round: Bet $6 plus $1, win $7, collect $14
  • 4. round: Bet $14 plus $1, win $15, collect $30
  • 5. round: Bet $30 plus $1, win $31, collect $62
  • 6. round: Bet $62 plus $1, win $63, collect $126

Five- or six-round streaks are not uncommon. As long as you bet only one unit of your own money each round, you won’t get into much trouble. Find more casino tips and strategies. Find more about Online Casino Games at Casinos and Online Slots where these matters are discussed for South African players.