Sure Slot Strategy

Is sure slot strategy a fact or is its existence merely wishful thinking? Here are the important points to keep in mind:

Sure Slot Strategy – Rules

Know the Rules:

Read the pay table and all instructions posted on slot machines. If you don’t understand everything ask an attendant or, if playing online slots, contact the casino’s customer service center. It is your responsibility to know the rules concerning the number of coins to insert or how many lines need to be activated in order to collect prizes.

Loose Machines:

When playing slot machines in land-based establishments, always look for the highest payout machines you can find. Some casinos advertise 98% percent payback. A slot holding just two percent! Great! But look closely at the advertisement, the fine print probably says “selected machines”, or “up to 98%”. The 98% machines most likely won’t be identified. To find them is part of sure slot strategies finesse.

Coin Denomination:

Play the coin denomination that’s right for the size of your bankroll. If playing progressives or slots that offer a bonus for playing maximum coins and the one dollar level is too rich for you, drop down to the 25-cent machines. Look and compare. If the maximum payout on a dollar machine is $300 for single coin play, and a quarter machine pays $300 with three coins (75 cents) inserted, then the quarter machine might be the better deal.

Progressive Jackpots:

Sure slot strategy also means playing the progressives with maximum coins only. You won’t collect the jackpot if you don’t play the required number of coins. When selecting progressive machines be sure to look around for the best value. One bank of 25-cent slots can have a progressive jackpot of $2,654 while on another carousel nearby the top prize is $3,572. Always look for the best opportunity.

Jackpot Bonus:

Always bet the maximum number of coins if the highest jackpot pays a bonus when all coins are played. Example, on a three-coin slot machine, the jackpot pays 1,000 for first coin, 2,000 for second coin and 5,000 for third coin. It’s smart to play three coins and qualify for that extra 2,000 coin bonus. But if the third-coin payout was only 3,000 then, mathematically, there would not be any advantage in playing maximum coins.

Money Management:

Set a loss limit before you begin playing. You know how much you are willing to risk or how much you can afford to lose. Discipline yourself and stop feeding the machine once you’ve reached that predetermined limit. For example, if you allotted $100 for this session, quit playing when you have either doubled your money or lost it all. Getting caught up in the “I need to win my money back” mentality is not a sure slot strategy!

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Hit and Run:

Continue to play the same slot machine only if it hits at an average of at least every three or four spins. Don’t keep feeding a cold machine, hoping it will warm up. The longer you stay at any gambling activity, the greater the odds against you. The casino’s built-in mathematical advantage takes effect. You want to “hit and run”. Quit when you’re ahead, you’ll feel much better! This is perhaps the most important sure slot strategy!

Payout Percentages:

The payback percentage on slot machines ranges between 80% to as high as 99%, depending on coin size and local competition. Generally, in brick-and-mortar casinos, the loosest slots can be found in Las Vegas. Nationally the average payout percentage is estimated to be around 90%. Online casinos do not have to pay for expensive real estate; they can afford more liberal payouts on their slot games.

Realize that payout percentages are calculated over the long term, which could mean many millions of spins. If a slot machine is programmed to pay back 95% it will pay out $950,000 out of every one million dollars it takes in, but payouts will come in wildly fluctuating random fashion. A few players will collect huge jackpots, while all others will not be so lucky.

Slot Clubs:

Land-based casinos give away millions of dollars in comps, free meals, free rooms, show tickets, invitations to slot tournaments, gifts, cash and more. You deserve your share. How much you get is generally based on the number of coins you cycle through the slot machines. Not all comp programs are alike, compare benefits at different casinos. Find out what their requirements are and choose the one that has the best deal for your level of play. Treat slot club comps as a form of profit, but never play slot machines just to get freebies. That’s a trap casinos hope you’ll fall into.

Online Casino Bonuses:

Online casinos can’t entice you with free meals or free rooms like their land-based counterparts, so in order to attract players they offer bonus money in various forms. The most popular is the new players welcome cash bonus. There are single deposit bonuses, multiple deposit bonuses, and even no deposit bonuses, where they give you money just so you’ll try their casino. Be aware that all bonus monies come with restrictions. Read the “terms and conditions” before accepting free money. Take advantage of the bonus only if you find the casino’s rules are not too stringent.

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