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To win at online slots is not an easy task. All slots games are cunningly designed to give the casino a long term edge. Over the long term the house will always win. If this wasn’t so, casinos wouldn’t exist. The only real way to counteract the house edge on online slots is to play games with big jackpot and good-size secondary prizes. Then when you do land a big payout, collect your money and spend at least some of it on something tangible, something you always wanted but didn’t think you could afford.

I’m reminded of a fellow I used to work with who loved the ponies. He spent most of his free time at the racetrack. Every so often he’d come to work smugly showing everyone a rolled up bundle of bills to prove that he had picked a winner. Of course over the next few days or weeks he’d take it back and lose it all again. One day I told him: “Joe, why don’t you take some of that money and buy yourself a new suit or a pair of really nice boots”. But Joe was a happy-go-lucky bachelor; I don’t think he ever took my advice.

So how can you hope to win at online slots and what is the downside risk if you don’t hit a big payout? It is generally agreed that payout percentage at online casinos are more generous than those at their land-based counterparts. Let’s assume the online long-term payout rate is 95% and you’re betting $3 each spin. The house edge is 5%. This means you are losing 15 cents (5% times $3) per spin, on average. At a speed of 500 spins per hour, it costs you $75 an hour to play. If, for you, that is an unaffordable price to pay for entertainment, then switch to the 25-cent denomination and your cost comes down to $18.75 per hour.

At the 25-cent level, playing for a total of 10 hours theoretically will cost under $200 in the long-run. There is a good chance that during 10 hours of playing the slots you will line up a winning combination worth more than $200 at least once. But there is no guarantee, that’s why it’s called ‘gambling’. Even if you have the worst of luck, online casino bonus money can ease the pain.

These days, most online casinos offer new players a welcome bonus of at least $100, sometimes more. You deposit $100, the casino matches your deposit with an equal amount of bonus money and, presto, you have $200 to play with! So in the very worst-case scenario, ten hours of online slots fun should end up costing you less than $10 an hour. It’s reasonably cheap entertainment and, of course, there is always the chance you’ll strike it rich. That is how you endeavor to win at online slots!

Here?s a word of advice regarding the free bonus money offered by online casinos. Be sure to read the “terms and conditions” very carefully before accepting a bonus. Bonuses always come with wagering requirements, meaning that you have to wager the bonus and deposit 15 or more times before you’re allowed to cash out. If you deposit $100 and get $100 free, you require $3000 in play before you can collect any winnings. That is not a big problem if you play at the 25 cent level, putting $375 through the machine each hour, as discussed above.

But what if you play at the dollar level and hit the jackpot long before having completed the specified wagering requirements? You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to jeopardize your big win by being forced to keep playing. To avoid this possibility you might choose not to accept the bonus in the first place.

If you play mainly for entertainment, knowing that, over time, you might at least break even, then by all means, take advantage of all the bonus money you can get. On the other hand, if your approach is “jackpot or bust”, then maybe you should forget about the bonus. It’s something to think about before you set out to win at online slots.

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