Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive Slot Machines

Quartermania Slots

The first networked progressive slot machines were introduced by a major industry player, International Gaming Technology (IGT) in 1986. IGT rolled out progressive slot games like Quatermania.

In January of 2005 a staggering $35 million was won on a progressive machine, which put the company, the casinos and the technology in the forefront of news headlines – attracting a lot of attention and business.

Progressive machines are a group of many slot machines linked together by a network. A percentage of the money played on each machine is added to the big jackpot. Anyone hitting the winning symbols on any machines on the network wins the jackpot.

Please remember two things when playing progressive slots like Quatermania and Megabucks:


THE MONEY FOR THE JACKPOT COMES FROM A PERCENTAGE OF THE MONEY PLAYED THROUGH THE MACHINE. This means that they payback of progressive machines will be less than the payback of other non-progressive machines. Sometimes this can be as low as 80%.

MAXIMUM COINS HAVE TO BE PLAYED TO WIN THE JACKPOT. If you aren’t going to play maximum coins you should not play these machines. And you should always verify the primary and secondary jackpots on progressive slot machines.

Some of the newer and more exciting slot machines that are part of the Quartermania progressive network include: American Graffiti, 5X Pay, Double Red White & Blue, and Triple Texas Tea.

American Graffiti is a 3-coin, 3 reel single pay line slot machine that’s got a 1950’s theme, inspired by the movie of the same title.

5X play features 3 top-box reels that add a thrilling bonus aspect to the game play.

Double Red White & Blue is based on the classic Red White and Blue machines, with spinning 7’s and red, white and blue bars. It’s another 3-coin, 3-reel, single pay line machine.

Triple Texas Tea offers the latest in lights and sounds, as well as the latest in bonus opportunities. This one’s definitely worth checking out.

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