Beat Slot Machine Tips

Beat Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

In pursuit of how to beat slot machine strategies players must familiarize themselves with the technological wizardry that they are facing in the casinos. Real world and virtual.

The slots in a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, of course, are completely electronic, using computer chips programmed with a “Random Number Generator” to choose the symbol combinations that come up on every spin. The programs return a certain percentage of all the money wagered to the players. Between 80 percent and 98 percent depending on coin denomination and the vagaries of the local gaming market. Online casinos emulate this same process with software instead of dedicated hardware processors.

Try to beat slot machine playing penny slots at Win a Day Casino

The easiest to beat slot machine games are said to be in Las Vegas, but on the whole the average house advantage is around ten percent. Of course, payout percentages are calculated for the long term. Which could mean the life of the machine? When a slot machine is programmed to pay out 95 percent it will pay $950,000 out of every million dollars it takes in, however long that takes. But payouts can come in bizarre and random patterns, and a few lucky players will collect the large jackpots while most others will lose everything they wager on the very same machine.

Players will improve their chances considerably if they know the rules of the gaming establishments they frequent; smart players will read the payout information and all of the instructions posted on each machine. It is the responsibility of every player to be well informed.

Beat slot machines BUT keep your eye on the fine print

Some casinos advertise 98 percent payback, so players should always look for the highest payout they can find. But they must read the ads closely as the fine print might say “selected machines” or “up to 98 percent payout.” In fact, the 98 percent machines often are not even clearly identified. So players will have to find them by asking around, or find out which machines are most popular with local players. Locals won’t play the “tight” machines. If players are gambling online they should check the chat rooms or ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences.

Money management is a vital part of a solid beat slot machine strategy. First of all, after players have set a “loss limit,” they need to play with the denomination that’s right for their bankroll. Smart gamblers always make sure to compare, also if the “max payout” on a dollar machine is $300 for a single coin, then the quarter machine paying $300 for three coins ($.75) is the better wager. Finally, successful players will divide their time and money into sessions. They will then discipline themselves to stick to the rules they’ve set for themselves. Most importantly, they have to stop playing when they reach their preset win or loss limit.