Slot Machine Fun

Get Ready for Slot Machine Fun Online

Did you know that slot machine fun began with the invention of the first slot machine way back in 1895? We’ve come a very long way since then. You no longer have to fly to Las Vegas to have fun with slot machines. Online casinos have changed the way most of the world plays slots today.

You can now have all the slots action you desire in the privacy of your own home. Comfortably sitting at your computer, with your favorite snack and drink, enjoying the most exciting games. It can’t get any better!

Hold The Riches for Slot Machine Fun!
For some soothing Slot Machine Fun, play Penny and Nickle slots at WinADay Casino
Hold The Riches is currently the most played slot game at WinADay Casino. Part of the attraction is the Free Spins feature which triggers when 3 Free Spins Scatter symbols appear in the reels and players are awarded 10 free spins. Each spin comes with an increasing multiplier until you reach the last free spin with a multiplier of 10 times the original wager! Hold The Riches is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot game tied to a common progressive jackpot which can be won on most WinADay machines. Main features are Free Spins, Scatter Symbol and a Hold Option that lets you hold up to 4 reels of your choice. Click here to visit WinADay Casino

None of the smoke, just slot machine fun!

No more noisy, smoke-filled casinos and no annoying people hovering behind you, waiting to grab your machine once you leave. Maybe you love playing slots at brick and mortar casinos, but you’re still unsure about playing online? Don’t be! Get ready for online slot machine fun.

Every day, millions of people play slots online. Choose a reputable online venue for online gambling that will be fun, safe, and, if you’re really, really, really lucky, maybe even very profitable!

Online slot machines offer the same, and probably an even bigger, better selection of games than their land-based counterparts. Whether you win or lose is determined the same way as in a live casino. The pictures that line up on the pay line determines the outcome.

Three different types of online slots

You can have fun with online slot machines on any of these three basic categories of games: Classic Slots, Progressive Slots, and Bonus Video Slots. The latter have become the most popular, mainly because they offer side bonuses which can raise your winnings tremendously. Classic slots have three reels with a single payline, these are great games for getting started, especially if your bankroll is modest. Progressive slots feature an ever-growing jackpot. Slotland features a progressive jackpot common to all their games.

Start out by playing for free, get to know the different games and how they work. Take your time, know what you’re doing. Soon you’ll be slot-smart and ready to beat the odds. Have some online slot machine fun and the best of luck. Always.

Remember, we have a great number of tips for slot machine fun. Take the time to get a feel for online slots, then have fun.