Wheel Of Fortune Slots

Winning at the WHEEL OF FORTUNE Slots Game

In your quest for winning big at the wheel of fortune slots game try this method of play:

Mega Fortune is a Wheel of Fortune styled video slot

On a slot machine in Las Vegas or anywhere else, start with 200 coins in your chosen denomination. That means you should have $50 for quarter machines, $100 for half-dollar slots, and $200 for dollar play.

Play Maximum Coins

Always play maximum coins, but hand insert the coins. Whenever possible, do not insert paper money and then play from the credit meter. Also, when you win, do not leave credits in the machine, even if the payout is only two coins, do not leave them in the machine.

Hand inserting coins and cashing out after every win slows down your rate of play on any wheel of fortune type slots game. This may be a simple strategy, but this way you spend more time on a machine without too much worry about running out of money, long before you’re ready to quit.

The aim, of course, is to hit the jackpot, or at least land on a sizeable amount during the bonus round.

VideoSlots has a slot machine with a Wheel of Fortune style bonus round!
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Simple slots Strategy

The smart way to play the wheel of fortune slots game is to set an amount that you’re willing to risk, in advance. Also beforehand, decide at what point you will pocket your profit. In other words, set your win and loss limits before you begin to play.

Suppose you start with $100, doubling your money would be a good goal. In this case, cash out when you’re ahead by $100. Since you’re not using the credit meter on the machine, how do you know how much you’ve won? If 200 coins filled a bucket when you started playing, then you should quit as soon as you’ve got two buckets full of coins.

When you play wheel of fortune slots game, recycling small payouts allows you to play longer without having to dig into your pocket or purse for more money. The longer you can keep playing without risking additional money of your own, the better the chance a big-paying combination will line up.

Have fun and good luck!

The actual Wheel of Fortune is not available via Internet play, but you can play Wheel of Wealth online!

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