Online Slot Machines

The first time I played online slot machines? How can I forget it! I discovered that the same slot strategies I used in a bricks-and-mortar casinos worked even better in a virtual casinos. But there was more!

That day, after exploring a variety of online slot machines in three different casinos, I leaned back in my chair and pondered the implications of this development.

Yes, the magic of playing online slots in the comfort of my own chair in my own smoke free space with old codger’s music drifting softly from my CD’s is irresistible.

Online Slot Machines let you win more often

But not only is playing at online casinos more comfortable and convenient, players can win more! Can you believe it? You will after you read my two reasons for this.

  1. First, those hundreds of online casinos I find on my laptop or iPad have to fight to attract players. Logically, you and I will play where we can hope to win more often, so the online casinos have to compete. They do this by offering the best online casino bonuses and odds.
  2. Second, internet casinos can afford more generous payouts on their online slot play because, unlike land-based casinos, online casinos don’t have the huge overhead expenses for buildings and staff. Of course, you do miss out on the freebies offered in Las Vegas
See what we mean? Great casino bonuses and awesome casino!
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Language and Currency when playing online slots

English is not your mother tongue? You prefer your own currency? No problem. Our main menu features both language and currency options when playing at online casinos.

The very best thing about online casinos is the money you won’t need for trips to Las Vegas, air fare, fuel for your car, or for hotels or meals.

If you gamble via the Internet, you’ll be glad you found this site.

Since 2001, has brought news, views, and helpful tips on how to win more on cyber casino slots.

Head for an Internet casino and have fun playing virtual slot machines. You can’t win the big jackpot if you don’t play! Try it now. And good luck!

While we focus quite heavily on slot machines and video poker, don’t forget online casinos feature a wide range of all popular casino games including card and table games.