casino payout percentages

One of the pieces of data often used in comparing one online casino to another is the overall casino payout percentages. This number usually ranges between 90% and 98% and in some articles, you will often see a payout percentage of 96% meaning that a casino is more ´player friendly´ than a casino with an overall payout of 95%. In fact, in most articles devoted to the topic, casinos are often ranked in a long list with casinos with even a fraction of a percentage being higher ranked. While this information looks interesting and is easy to use to make nice tables and charts, the fact is that the number is fairly meaningless for players. Differences in the percentages between two casinos has nothing to do with one casino being more generous or more player friendly than another casino, what it usually signifies is a difference in the mix of games being played at different casinos.

To further understand this you have to understand the concept of house advantage, along with the fact that every game at a casino has a different house advantage. Even two very similar appearing slot machines can have different house advantages, which ultimately results in differences in payout percentages. But the most significant difference is when you compare two different type of games against each other. For instance, online slot machines have a house advantage of about 18%, while a game like blackjack has a house advantage of only about 5%. And so as you can probably figure out, a casino that advertises slot machines as the main push for their casino will have a lower payout percentage while an online casino that runs a lot of blackjack or poker events will have a higher payout ratio. If you want to see this in action at land-based casinos, just take note of the games you see as soon as you walk into the casino. In most cases, it will be slot machines or other high house advantage games, while things like Blackjack are often tucked away from the limelight.

If you really want to improve your chances of winning while still playing your favorite game, instead do some research of the house advantage or payout percentage of particular games. For instance, different versions of Blackjack all have different payout percentages, so play the version of Blackjack with the best payout ratio, or play the slot machine with the lowest house advantage. But looking at the overall payout percentage of casinos and deciding to play in a particular casino because of it, just means that casino advertised for a more profitable set of games. Do not be fooled by meaningless data when deciding where you are going to play, instead focus on what you are going to play.

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