Online Slots Dream

Online Slots Dream

In your online slots dream you click from slot game to slot game, looking for that one special slot machine. You know that this casino has ‘your slot’, it’s waiting for you. You feel it is your day to win a BIG one.

Online Slots Dream Jackpot

Slot Jackpots on all the games with Slotland Casino. Live your Online Slots Dream!
While you sit at the computer, having already deposited a hundred dollars. The credits are in place; you are ready for your try at some big fat cash. It is you and this computer game and the fantasy of winning the biggest jackpot you ever won in your whole life. Slotland offers a dream jackpot on every slot. That’s a lot of dreams!

The first three credits are played. The reels spin and stop. The symbols line up perfectly and you’ve won some money on the very first spin. It’s not a lot but enough to make you want to spin more and more and more.

On the fifth spin, in this slot dream, you win again, more than the last time. Now you are ahead already. You’re feeling that this online machine is what you have been hoping for far too many times.

You think to yourself, this is my day; I’m going to hit the jackpot. This is my machine. My lucky slot.

You play another six spins and win a small amount. This machine called to you and you answered the call. You spin and spin those reels. The game has gone cold on you. You start to wonder if the luck you knew you were going to have was merely wishing and hoping – an illusion you now realize you have had many times in your online slot sessions in the past. You look at the monitor. Your time is coming. Your time is coming.

You keep playing. For an hour you stay close to even – a little ahead at times; a little behind at times. Suddenly, bing! bing! The symbols – those symbols of the BIG win – line up straight across the display screen. Instantly the bells and whistles and upbeat music come loudly through the speakers. A big win has just taken place at this cyber casino – your BIG win!

You clap your hands together several times in your online slots dream. You scream out loud, “Oh, yeah!” Others in the house come quickly and congratulate you on your good fortune. “Oooohhh, I knew that slot was going to get hot!” you say to yourself and to the others.

What would you do with your online slots dream winnings?

You’re going to have more money than most people make in a decade of work. You have been fantasizing what you would do with that much money. Should you tell your boss to jump off a cliff? You’ve never liked him anyway and now you can walk right out the door.

Do you give money to all the relatives – many of which you haven’t heard from in years – who are now going to tell you their sob stories? And what about those investment guys who will be calling explaining how they can take your money and triple it in a single year?

Maybe a trip to Vegas, The Strip, Shows, Fancy Hotel?

You’ll make all those hard decisions later. Then you wake up and you are sorry it was only a wonderful online slots dream…

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