Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy for Online Jacks or Better

Everyone agrees, perfect video poker strategy can even the odds of a player against online casinos. Of all the games offered, Jacks or Better with the best pay table available, can beat the house edge, especially when casino bonuses are brought into the equation.

Jacks or Better is the granddaddy of video poker games. This game is relatively easy to learn and the ‘full-pay’ schedule returns almost 100%, providing you play the Jacks or Better strategy perfectly.

How do you learn perfect video poker strategy and how much money do you need to survive down cycles? Let’s first recognize the best and only Jacks or Better pay table you should consider, and then we’ll tackle strategy and bankroll.

Cool Odds – Hot Hands – Video Poker Strategy
Perfect your video poker strategy playing Jacks or Better at Uptown Aces Casino
The best Jack or Better pay table yields (for 5 coins bet):

Royal Flush 4000 coins
Straight Flush 250 coins
Four of a Kind 125 coins
Full House 45 coins
Flush 30 coins
Straight 20 coins
Three of a Kind 15 coins
Two Pair 10 coins
Jacks or Better 5 coins

Any pay table showing less than the above does not add up to 99.54% payout. Avoid games that are not ‘full pay’!

Of equal or even greater importance is mastering perfect Jacks or Better video poker strategy. You can read articles on the Web that explain the theory. Start by clicking on Jacks or Better Strategy.

Video Poker Tutor

I found the most entertaining method of learning is to install a video poker tutor on your computer. It makes the task interesting and fun; you don’t even realize you’re learning.

The tutoring program I use is called BVS Video Poker. With it you will automatically learn optimal video poker strategy for Jacks or Better as well as other types of video poker games. I am amazed at how quickly I learned to make the correct hold/draw decisions while having fun practicing.

Depending on which guru’s advice you read, when betting real money at an online casino, your bankroll should be a minimum of 100 times the bet per spin. so, if you are wagering 5 coins per spin on a 25-cent game, you need to start with at least $125.

Luck IS a factor even with a good video poker strategy

Others think a $200 stake is appropriate if you want to have a 95% certainty of surviving. Jacks or Better is a gambling game. Like any card game, it depends on what hands you’re dealt. Sometimes luck is with you, other times it’s not.

I’ve known people who couldn’t wait to get back to Las Vegas, because they had won on their first trip there. They had gambled haphazardly and had enjoyed Beginner’s Luck! The second trip wasn’t so successful. They returned home disappointed.

Whether in a live casino or online, don’t think there is nothing to know about playing a video poker game. For long term survival, it is essential to choose only machines with optimal pay tables and always play your best video poker strategy.

After more than 20 years of video poker highs and lows, I am still as fascinated as ever. The challenge to conquer begins anew with each draw.

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