Can Online Casinos Be Trusted?

Will you wager money at an online casino? Is there a Trusted online casino?

Online casinos have been around for over twenty years now. Their numbers have multiplied from the initial few to over 2000 at last count. Even though many people are still uneasy about gambling online, the number of casinos keeps increasing. Players are willing and ready to risk their gambling funds in a land-based casino or on a river boat. Even in the face of this, the idea of entrusting their money to a faceless cyber gambling enterprise still leaves many people clicking the exit button!

It is much easier to give your credit card number when you are face to face with a real person. The nature of online transactions however means that there is never anything you can hold in your hand. How can you rest assured that the Internet casino operates honest and fair games and is actually going to send you any winnings?

Should you be reluctant about playing online?

The reality is, you can’t be sure, you need to trust someone who will recommend only well-established, honest casino operators with unblemished track records. This is where I hope this web site can be your guide and give assistance.

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Can Online Casinos Be Trusted?

Do not pick a cyber casino for it’s catchy name or flashy banner. Free money or large sign-on bonuses should be secondary considerations. Most important, the enterprise has to be trustworthy. An indication of that is the presence of a professional customer service representative on the other end of the phone. Before you commit any money call the customer service line. Ask them all the security questions and voice anything that makes you uneasy. If you receive answers you want to hear and they make you feel at ease, then chances are that the casino also has fair odds and gives quick pay-outs.

At the other extreme, if their home page doesn’t list a customer service number or at least an e-mail address, then hit the back button and try another site! Click on several banners for different casinos and investigate thoroughly before you commit money to any one of them. Always familiarize yourself with the gambling spot you’re considering and be sure you’re aware of any special rules and regulations that might apply to that particular casino. Call their customer service number to make certain they have a good support structure.

Online Casino Security

What about security? If you’ve chosen a reputable casino to play at, you can be confident that your money transactions will be safe. The online casinos recommended on this site use secure servers. Any information you give them is encrypted and can’t get into the wrong hands. You will have your own, confidential ID (username) and password with which to access your account. Usually, even if you just want to play for free, you need to fill out a registration form in order to get a username and password. Then, if you decide you want to play for real money, you need to click on “cashier” and open an account with your credit card. Most casinos also have other payment options. The amount of money you specify is your bankroll.

After you quit playing, you can keep your money in the account and use it next time. When you win and want to cash out, the casino will either mail you a check, or credit the amount back to you.