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Why you should be ?playing for gambling money?. In an article entitled: If Slots Return 93 Percent, Why Does Everyone Lose Everything? Well-known gaming author Alan Krigman explains it this way:

“Make believe you bet $1 per spin and know from experience that by replaying your wins, $100 usually buys you two to three hours of play before dwindling away. What total would you bet during such a session? You might get six spins per minute, adding up to 360 spins per hour or about 900 spins in two and a half hours.

“Therefore, you bet $900 gross and lost $100 net. In the fullness of time, on $900 bet, the house returned $800. Your “actual” return rate was therefore the $800 you got back during the game divided by the $900 you bet. This equals 88.89 percent. You recovered almost 90 percent and still went bust.

But you’re talking about winning 88.89 percent of one thing — your $900 total bet, and losing 100 percent of something else — your $100 starting stake, or bankroll.”

Let me show you how to prevent your starting stake from disappearing. If you don?t lose in a casino, you?re a winner, or, if you break even, you?re ahead. We?ve all heard these expressions many times. So what do we do about it? First of all, don?t be like so many players who lose their common sense when they casino gamble.

Chasing a set for life jackpot

Perhaps not one player in millions ever hits a jackpot bigger than the total gambling money he or she feeds into those machines over time. No matter how much money you pour into a slot, you can?t force it to pay a jackpot. Chasing that set-for-life-jackpot until your last coin is gone simply doesn?t make sense.

To keep throwing more and more money at something that has such a slim chance of success is not a smart thing to do. Instead, you should play in a way that preserves your bankroll so you can last until you happen to be at the right machine at the right time.

Jackpots pop up when least expected. The further you can stretch your playing money, the better the chance that fortune will eventually find you.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to risk my money on the slots?” Chances are it?s mainly because playing those machines is exciting and fun; you want to win money; and you like casino gambling, not necessarily in that order.

Casinos are mesmerizing places. In an environment where it seems everyone is using Monopoly money, it is easy to lose track of reality. It?s a trap the casino owners hope you will fall into. But you can return from this upside-down world relatively unscathed, if you stay focused on protecting your gambling money.

And that’s the subject of the next chapter: from gambling money to gambling bankroll

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