Winaday Slot21 Game

WinADay Slot21 Game combines Slots and Blackjack!

The WinADay Slot21 Game combines a classic slots game with a variation of the Blackjack card game. There is a Red/Black gamble game where you can double your winnings; you also collect Ace, King, Queen and Jack to unlock the special 21 bonus game and play against the bank for the best hand. With Slot 21 you can work towards 21 (Blackjack) while enjoying classic slots play, questing for lucrative winnings. Click for a review of Win A Day Casino.

The Slot21 Introduction and How To screen!
Slot21 Slot Machine
Pay line symbols of Slot21
Slot21 Payline Symbols
Scatters and Wilds – Yes please!
Scatters, Wilds, and Face Cards to boost your 21 Cash Balance

At first glance, WinADay Slot21 Game seems more complicated than other slot machines. Playing this game offers more diversity, which makes it more interesting and entertaining.

There is Live Chat support. If you need assistance, simply click on the Live Chat icon on the right side of the game screen. When I tried it, immediately Marla introduced herself, asking how she can help. I typed, “I am playing Slot 21. Where can I find information and/or instructions?” Within seconds she was back telling me to click on “help” at the top of the screen. I thanked her and said I didn’t know it was that simple. A Live Chat feature as efficient as this one is something all online casinos should offer, I think.

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Win playing Slot21 at Winaday Casino
How to play the WinADay Slot21 Game

There are actually 3 games in one:

A familiar slot game where you can win on up to 21 paylines
Slot21 Slot Machine Game
The Red and Black gamble game
Red & Black Bonus Game
If the Red and Black scatter symbol appears on a winning round you can take a chance on doubling your winnings.
The 21 Bonus game
21 Bonus Game
If you have at least $1 in your 21 Cash Balance you are eligible to play the 21 Bonus game.
21 Bonus Games

To play WinADay Slot21 Game, you first decide on your betting unit; it can be 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢ or 25¢. If you’re betting 21 lines at 1¢, the total is 21 cents. At the high end 21 lines times a quarter equals $5.25! Select the desired amount by using the ‘Bet Up’ and ‘Bet Down’ buttons. To select the number of paylines use the ‘Line Up’ and ‘Line Down’ buttons. Then press Spin/Card to start the action.

Wins on the slot game are immediately added to your credit balance unless the Red/Black symbol also appeared; in that case you have the option to gamble on doubling your winnings by pressing the Spin/Card button. If you don’t wish to take that risk, press Collect/Stop.

Playing the Red&Black Bonus Game

You confirm that you wish to try doubling your win by pressing the Spin/Card button. One of the flashing Red and Black signs will stay lit. Then the Hi card symbols start flashing until only one remains highlighted. If the highlighted card is the same color as that of the lit sign you’ve won the bet! You can try to double once more by pressing ‘Spin/Card’ again or just get your winnings by pressing ‘Collect/Stop’.

Playing the 21 Bonus Game

This is where the Blackjack element comes into play. In order to play you have to have at least $1 in the 21 Cash balance. This is how you accumulate money in 21 Cash: Every time you get a Jack, Queen, King or Ace symbol in the regular slot game, the respective card is highlighted in the Red/Black bonus game area.

When you collect all four cards, a special win of 2 to 200 times your total bet amount is credited to your 21 Cash balance. Whenever amount is $1 or more you can press the Slot/21 button. Your goal is to obtain a total value of cards as close to 21 as possible. First you place your bet by using the “Bet Up” or “Bet Down” buttons. Your wager is shown in the Bet Player window. To receive another card press Spin/Card. When satisfied with your card value press Stop/Collect.

Now the Bank receives cards and the outcome is evaluated. If the player’s cards value is closer to 21 than the Banker’s, the player wins an amount equal to his wager. If the value of the player’s cards is over 21 or if banker and player show the same card value (a tie), the player loses. A Blackjack hand (Ace with 10 or picture card) on either side wins. If both sides have Blackjack, the Banker wins.

Love that Slot21 game

Compared to ‘real’ Blackjack, these rules may seem unfair, but not if you consider you’ve wagered only free bonus money. ’21 Cash’ credits can be transferred to your regular cash balance with the Stop/Collect button.

I suggest you initially play WinADay Slot21 Game at the 1¢ level until you are thoroughly acquainted with how it functions and you feel comfortable risking higher amounts. Deposit Bonus play-through requirements are surprisingly low at this casino. For exact details see Win A Day Casino.