Video Poker Bonus

Video Poker Bonus

Video poker bonus was unheard of and the game itself was fairly new on the scene 25 to 30 years ago. Back then there was no Internet either. I used to accompany my wife on business trips to Atlantic City. While she attended meetings during the day, I spent my time in casinos. Because I didn’t have a big bankroll, I used to play mostly nickel slot machines.

My best memory is of the day I hit the jackpot on a 5-cent slot = a whopping $75 win! The music started playing, the lights were flashing and they kept me waiting for the money for what seemed like half an hour.

Eventually three uniformed casino staffers appeared to hand-pay me the $75. Later I realized the wait time is orchestrated on purpose. All the commotion around a machine that just paid big is good advertising. It encourages others to think if they keep playing they might also get lucky.

Discovering Video Poker
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On the way out of the casino, near the exit, I spotted a row of machines I hadn’t seen before. The game was similar to slots, but showing playing cards on the screen. I went closer to inspect, but had no idea what to do, other than if you inserted coins you could probably win. I dropped in a few quarters, pressed some buttons and – surprise – out came two or three dollars worth of quarters!

I was interested! Soon I learned the game was called video poker. I needed to learn more about it. That was long before it was possible to collect a video poker bonus through the computer.

I bought a small book authored by Stanford Wong, back then one of the first video poker gurus. I quickly learned that this was a more interesting and therefore more challenging game than slots. One could actually make decisions on how to manipulate the cards to come up with a winning hand.

The first video poker games were mostly Jacks or Better. Other variations of video poker came later.

My most favorite kind of game became Deuces Wild, because when four deuces appear in one hand, the payout is 1000 coins. That’s $250 on quarter machines and $1,000 on the $1 version. Such mini jackpots are not chicken feed!

Deuces Wild Video Poker and Winning

I managed to line up four deuces reasonably often. I also liked the fast action. Today online video poker machines deal a new hand in a fraction of a second. I learned to play 600 to 700 hands an hour. That’s exciting, especially when you decide what cards to discard or hold.

Today, video poker is still my #1 choice, except now I play online from the comfort of home and not before getting my video poker bonus.

Playing Video Poker online and Bonuses

The newly revamped SlotoCash Casino just introduced a fabulous Video Poker Bonus Promotion. 100% Match Bonus especially for video poker players! There is a hefty play-through requirement before you may cash out your winnings, but that need not be a major deterrant.

If you deposit $100, the casino gives you $100. Because of the video poker bonus you have a $200 bankroll of which only $100 is your own money.

At another casino I once deposited $75, received a matching bonus of $75. Started on a quarter Deuces Wild machine with my $150, after a few nice wins I switched to the $1 denomination, where before long I lined up four Deuces for a $1,000 payoff. After that there was no looking back! I even caught a real Royal Flush (no Deuces) for a $4000.00 win! Such a lucky streak doesn’t happen often, but it’s exciting when it does.

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