Online Penny Slots

Having Fun with Online Penny Slots

Online penny slots are the answer! If you’re getting bored with free slots games, because when you win you have nothing to show for, but you’re not ready or willing to risk “serious money”, then play penny slots!

You can play all the hugely popular 5-line to 30-line video slot games for as little as one penny per line. It’s the least risky way to have fun playing online slots for real money. Or, if you want to go a step further, consider online nickel slots.

Playing slots with real money – even betting only pennies – gives you an entirely different feeling. You don’t get that kind of adrenaline rush when you play for free.

Penny Slots the next step

After you have familiarized yourself with online slot machines and how they work. Playing slots for pennies is the next logical step after playing with fun money. Betting pennies is less risky and still offers the possibility of a decent win. A 50,000-coin jackpot in pennies is still $500 – not bad, considering the bet was only one penny per line – a maximum of maybe 25 cents.

Play penny slots at Win a Day Casino

Another aspect to consider when choosing penny slots is the diversity of video slot game themes. You can go on virtual treasure hunts, jungle adventures, visit the old Wild West, return to the days of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. You can also get involved in numerous other adventures.

Use your imagination; the object of slots play is entertainment. Don’t just click the spin button like a mindless robot; take the time to enjoy the theme and graphics of the game you’re playing. On the other hand, don’t get so immersed in the fantasy world before you. That you forget your first and most important objective, which is to win money.

There are a wide variety of very interesting online penny slots games to enjoy. Many give you a chance to win more money with game-within-a-game features such as gamble screens, free spins and side jackpots.

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