Online Video Slots – How to Spin to Win

What are Online Video Slots

Online video slots are based on slot games found in land-based casinos that use a video display and five reels rather than the more traditional three-reel format. The games have enhanced graphics and more visual effects than the three-reel slots; this helps to create a richer entertainment experience.Unlike three reel games, video slots always have more than one pay line, and sometimes as many as 20! Certain symbol combinations falling on the activated paylines generate a win.

Video Slot Variations

The video slots you play online have special symbols, such as scatter symbols, which multiply wins by the total amount that you have bet. Wild symbols act like jokers and substitute for whatever symbol will make up a winning combination on the pay line. Some games offer bonus screens and a gamble feature, where you can risk your win for the opportunity of maybe doubling or even quadrupling it.

Video Slot Tips and Tricks

  • Understand the Pay table
    • Before you start playing video slots, have a close look at the pay table. Know what the winning combinations are. Generally, you will need to click to another screen to view the pay table. Video slot pay tables are more complex than three-reel slots, but once you get the hang of it, they’re easy to understand.
  • Coin Value versus Number of Coins
    • It is important to realize the difference between coin value and the number of coins you bet. Coin value is the denomination of each coin you bet, it could be anything from 1 cent to $1 or more. The number of coins is the total amount wagered. Some online video slots also have the option to bet a certain number of coins per line.
    • Think carefully, what coin value you want. How many pay lines do you want to activate and how many coins per line do you want to bet?
    • Betting all the lines at maximum coins can add up to 500 coins per spin! That might be o.k. if you’re playing at the 1-cent level, but not if you chose a coin value of $1.

Online Video Slots Caution

Video Slots have rules that state winning combinations pay from left to right, which mean the winning combination needs to start at reel number 1. A video slot will not normally pay if the winning symbols start in reels 2, 3 or 4. There are exceptions to these rules like the Scatters or the "Both Ways Pay" type video slots. That however is a feature built into a specific video slot!

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