Slotlands Gladiator Games Video Slot

Slotlands Gladiator Games Video Slot

Welcome to Slotlands Gladiator Games Video Slot. Here you are transported to Ancient Rome to witness those fighting to the death inside the Arena. All this just for the pleasure of entertaining hundreds of spectatores.

Gladiator Games Video Slot is certainly an action packed game played over 5 reels and 30 active paylines. Large marble columns adorn the sides and eagle flags fly high, gladiators guard the Trophy Chest before you even start. Symbols to look out for during play are the Gladiators, Lions, Money Purses, feasts, weapons, armour and the Roman Eagle.

Slotlands Gladiator Games Video Slot Game features

  • When the Cage symbol appears, it animates all Lions on the reels, turning them all into Wilds to maximize winning combinations.
  • Scatter Coin symbols on the reels will be added to the gladiator’s Trophy Chest. Build up the coins, and the collection could be yours if you win in the Bonus Game.
  • Spin your way into the Bonus Gladiator Games by collecting four symbols: gladiator helmet, armour, shield and sword. Once you have all four, you can enter the arena to fight as a gladiator for prizes. Choose your gladiator to either attack, defend, or use their charisma. The three different arenas are Apollo, Fortuna and Neptune. If you win, the Trophy coins are yours.
  • Slotlands Gladiator Games Video Slot

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