Why Don't
Slot Players Listen?

By Frank Scoblete

 Why don't slot players listen to sensible advice? Some  gambling experts I know are fun, intelligent and humble  people who write about casino games. One of these friends  is a slot writer for a small publication. This young man with a degree in mathematics goes totally berserk about some the letters and emails he gets from his readers.

"I give out the best information on slot machines in my articles," he told me recently. "I tell the slot players which machines are the best to play; and which are the worst to play based on their overall payback percentages. I explain in very simple terms the math of the machines and how all paybacks will affect the player’s long-term prospects. I explain hit frequency and the RNG. I go step-by-step through everything. And you know what? They don't listen to me!"

He continued, "Some will tell me that they heard from someone who knows these things, that each machine has a little code of numbers and when those numbers get higher the machine is about to pay off. When I asked them who this smart person was, they tell me that he is a long time slot player who knows his stuff. I explain that this is a false notion and they look at me as if I am from another planet. I used to work for a slot manufacturer, for crying out loud!"

This poor man hasn't learned yet that not all slot players believe his scientific information about the machines. Many players of slots have idiosyncratic views of how the machines work and why and when the darn things will pay off.

The ranges of beliefs concerning slot machines go from the silly to the astoundingly dumb. Some players believe that if a slot has just hit a big jackpot, it is likely to hit again very soon because the machine is now hot. Some believe the opposite; that a machine that has just hit will go cold because of that specific hit. We know that machines aren't hot or cold; they are just pumping out what they're programmed for. If a big Megabucks jackpot is a one in 50 million event, it is a one in 50 million event every time the reels are spun. It might be possible that two of these jackpots will hit in a row or within a short period of time but no matter - it is always a 50 million to one shot.

Certainly machines sometimes pay out a lot in a short period of time and certainly they sometimes seem like skinflints paying small amounts over long periods of time - but randomness has odd patterns and what you see in this or that decision is randomness working itself out.

Some slot players think the actual feel of a machine can help them determine whether the machine will hit or not. Some players think that if the machine is hot to the touch it will get hot - while other players, equally fervent in their beliefs, think that machine will get cold. Some players think that if the machine is cool to the touch it will get cold - others believe it will get hot. If the machine is dented, it is a cold machine because someone punched it - or it is a hot machine because someone slapped it with joy after a big win.

Then this young slots writer finally asked, "Why don't people listen to me?"

I told him to think back to his school days. How many students actively listened to everything a teacher said? Few or none - otherwise everyone would have a 99 or 100 average. How many students used to actually pay attention to what was said?

I am reminded of a bible story. Moses has just freed the slaves from Egypt, after God performed ten incredible miracles, finally drowning the Pharaoh's entire army in the Red Sea, the waters of which God had just parted for His people to walk across. Moses taught his people a valuable lesson about the power of God, didn't he?

Then Moses tells them to wait for him because he is going up the mountain and not to violate any of God's commands. He goes up the mountain and what do many of his students do? Everything Moses told them not to do.

I explained this to my young acquaintance, "If Moses couldn't teach everyone and he had God's help, don't feel bad because some slot players won't listen to you."

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