Are Gambling Systems
Useful or Worthless?

This page is about table game playing rules and gambling systems. No matter how much you like slot machines or video poker games, sometimes you may get the urge to try table games. Go ahead, it's not that daunting.

First you need to know the basic how-to-play rules. Those are free and easy to learn. Just click on the game of your choice: Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette.

Next, you'll be considering systematic gambling methods and wondering if they really work. Are they worth the money? It's a never-ending debate. Many gambling writers will tell you there is no such thing as a winning systems. Yet there are individuals who make their living at gambling, and they all use some sort of method or system!

The assertion that in the long-run no system can ever overcome the casino advantage, is correct only of we interpret "long-run" as infinite. However, if "long-run" means an endless series of short runs, then the premise is false.

If you have a strong determination to win, then you should include some good gambling strategies in your weapons arsenal against the casinos. But beware of system sellers who claim their system is infallible. The characteristics of good gambling systems, that are marketed honestly, are that they make allowances for occasional losses, but will show a net gain over a reasonable period of time.

In the short run, the systems player can often swing the odds or percentages over to his side, regardless of the mathematical house advantage. The serious player needs to know several different systems. Why? Because by switching from one playing method to another midstream, one can, at the very least, slow the rate of loss, thus being able to stay in the game until Lady Luck smiles again.

Over the long haul, the casino's edge will prevail, but during relatively short playing sessions, proven gambling systems can produce profits for the player. Knowing that a system isn't infallible shouldn't keep you from playing it. As long as it works more often than not, you'll do better with system play, instead of relying on hunches.

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Casinos win, not so much because of their advantage in percentages, but because they play their own version of a gambling system. Their system is having virtually unlimited capital with which to grind down the player. Here is a simple illustration: Let's say you have a $500 bankroll and you bet against someone who has $100,000. If you play long enough, your $500 will eventually run out and you can't make any more bets. Your opponent doesn't even need to have the odds in his favor; you simply can't last through a bad luck streak because you don't have enough capital.

That's why you have to be cautious with your gambling bankroll. A good gambling system helps you to manage your money, so you won't get defeated by maximum table limits or insufficient funds. System play gives you two important advantages over the casino: you control your betting according to how your luck runs and you quit the moment you have reached or exceeded your goal.

Too often players are defeated because when they start losing they are in too much of a hurry to get their money back. Or, if they win, they get greedy, start playing for higher stakes and end up losing it all. Gambling systems that also involve sound money management strategies protect you from making those mistakes.

When evaluating any gambling method, don't be deceived by what seems to be infallible. Test every system carefully, before you risk much money playing it. Take, for example, a popular roulette system involving simultaneous bets on a color (even-money) and a column (paying 2 to 1). The system is appealing because it appears to give the player 26 ways to win against only 12 ways to lose.

Theoretically if each number came up once in 38 spins, the player would win one unit 22 times and seven units four times -- for a total win of 50 units. But he would lose his entire bet (5 units) on each of the 12 losing rounds, producing an overall net loss of 10 units! Therefore, with such a gambling system the player can win only if random fluctuations from the expected norm produce disproportionately more decisions that are in the player's favor.

It takes more than luck to be a long-term winner in the casino. Luck helps but it can be mighty fickle, especially when you need it most. System play can help you make the correct bet selections and use proper money management strategies.

But beware of gambling system sellers who make outrageous claims. You know the line ... if it sounds too good to be true ...! The characteristics of a good system, that is marketed honestly, are that it makes allowances for occasional losses, but will show a net gain over a reasonable period of time.

And don't spend big bucks for any "winning system". Just because information is high-priced doesn't guarantee it'll make you a better player or a bigger winner. Many tested and proven gambling systems are reasonably priced, some are even available for free. Click for Three Free Casino Systems

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